Bachelor of Communication

Rob Proser


Rob Prosser

I have recently completed my Bachelors Degree of Communication at The University of Newcastle Australia with a major in Media Production. I have a keen interest in audio production, music, and film and am looking for employment in the Creative Industries.

I left school in 1989 in the UK and worked in construction for many years. It wasn’t until I emigrated to Australia in 2006 that I decided to finally follow my passion and enrol in Open Foundation as a mature student to gain entry to Newcastle University with the view to studying communication.

Building on the skills I had developed myself while self-learning music, guitar, and home recording and film making, I was able transfer these skills and abilities into practical knowledge for the production courses within the degree. Notable projects I was involved in are a drama which I wrote and directed, a mockumentary about mature aged students, and an ABCOpen documentary which aired on ABC TV. I am now volunteering as a Production Assistant for a funded short film being shot in Sydney this year, freelancing for a web designer producing digital media, and producing a documentary about a stone mason in the UK.