Gillian Bencke Interview

Gillian Bencke is an Artist, she works with fabric and textiles to create conceptual art works. Gillian’s enthusiasm for fabrics and handmade objects has been central to her artistic work. Working with reclaimed fabrics and off-cuts that are given to her by dressmakers, Gillian uniquely designs each piece currently she is interested in monotones and hand stitching. Gillian’s passion for using reclaimed fabrics began when she lived in Paris where she raided the rubbish bins in the sweatshop district. For some years she made jewellery from fabrics but eventually realised that her work product design was not conducive with commercial forms of jewellery production. She completed her Communication Studies degree in 2001 which lead into photography and part-time employment as a photo media tutor. Later she worked in a Gallery in Newcastle before traveling to Paris with her partner.

Gillian now works at home but has previously shared a studio space through the Renew Newcastle scheme. Now focused on her art, Gillian is designing a number of larger pieces for exhibition.

Below are the interviews recorded at Newcastle University with interviewer Kristi Street. 

1st- Short Version (Students)

2nd- Long Version (Students and Career Teachers)