Here is a list of frequently asked questions from High School students whilst on the Creative Industries Roadshow:

Question 1:

Is Uni like school?

Not at all. One of the difference is that you are able to build your own direction and priorities to create a work/life balance. meeting new people and friends that are interested in the same skills and careers as you. With lots of extra-curricular events on and off campus Universities provide a range of new experiences.

Question 2:

Do you have to go to uni to work in the creative industries?

Not at all. The best way to get into the creative industries is to DO IT. Start making and creating now, meeting new people and networking. The best way is to start developing a portfolio of work that exhibits your skills to potential employers or clients.

Question 3:

What can I do if I don’t get an ATAR?

There are multiple options to getting into University, the ATAR is not the only way.

  • Tafe
  • RPL (Recognised Prior Learning)
  • NewStep
  • Open Foundation

Question 4:

Do you get to choose what subjects you do in your degree?

Absolutely, all the degrees work on a choose your own adventure model. There are core courses everyone must complete, but the creative industries degree allows for flexibility in choosing your elective subjects that relate to your interests.

Question 5:

How accepting of LGBTI is the University?

Very. There are multiple organisations on campus that open the door to meeting new people in a safe and welcoming environment.