Dan Smith Interview


Dan Smith wanted to make cartoons, and he has fulfilled that dream with his animations screened on Sesame Street and Nickelodeon. Dan’s short 2D animation ‘Blair and the Sea Pancake’ was funded by Nickelodeon and will be released in 2017. As an Animation Generalist, Dan can do all the roles needed to produce a short 2D animation, concept art, storyboards, animating and directing voiceovers, and he does most of that work in his bedroom in Port Macquarie! Dan went straight from High School to study Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at University of Newcastle, where he excelled in the animation courses.

Dan won an animation competition during his studies and that gave him an opportunity to work on a short animation for Sesame Street. Dan’s future aspirations are to keep pitching cartoon ideas to Nickelodeon.

Below are the interviews recorded at Newcastle University with interviewer Kristi Street. 

1st- Short Version (Students)

2nd- Long Version (Students and Career Teachers)