Open your eyes to the possibilities – become a trailblazer with the entrepreneurial skills to innovate across a range of creative fields.

The Bachelor of Creative Industries is a breakthrough degree designed for those looking to make real cultural, political and social impact through innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to creative output.

Whether you are planning to be a solo practitioner, part of a start-up, or just want to maximise your opportunity for employment across a range of sectors, the Bachelor of Creative Industries will prepare you for careers of the future.

Bachelor of Communication

Study communication and develop cutting-edge skills to produce groundbreaking, thought-provoking and engaging work.

Bachelor of Visual Communication

As advances in communication technology redefine our needs, the demand for visionaries and skilled designers is likewise projected to grow and expand.

Bachelor of Music

Music professionals write, arrange, orchestrate, conduct and perform musical compositions. If you’ve been performing or creating music, then studying a music degree at UON is an excellent way to continue your training and gain professional skills.

Bachelor of Natural History Illustration

Natural History Illustration brings together three main subjects – art, science and the environment, with careers in areas such as medical illustration, archaeology, botanics and environmental conservation.