About S O C I Roadshow

This project will design and trial a four pronged innovative Higher Education Creative Industries Outreach and Access Program to support secondary regional and remote school students who are currently studying Technology, Design, Media, Visual Art and English. The program is for Year 9-11 students, their teachers and career advisors to be better informed about the potential in studying within the Creative Industries through:

1) Production of a series of YouTube videos titled ‘See what you can be: creative industries career pathways, the stories of young innovators.’

2) Development and delivery of a Showcase Roadshow and Workshop with young Creative Industry higher education student mentors. The mentor component will see UoN undergraduates and secondary students explore thinking, learning and making in the creative industries across digital music technologies, sound & image technologies, digital photography, video/filming, digital installations, animation, virtual reality and 3D printing to help them discover their potential and inform study choices within the Creative Industries.

3) Investigation and evaluation using qualitative evidence of the opportunities, access and equity issues related to i) the benefits of Creative Industries outreach and access program in supporting students to align their career aspirations with real world attainable goals from the perspectives of students, teachers, career advisors and Principals ii) how higher education Creative Industries programs and their delivery can accommodate the equity needs of their potential students from regional and remote areas and make recommendations of its potential for adoption by other institutions

4) Active Dissemination: the findings of the two areas evaluated, the outreach and access program and the Work Integrated Learning mentor component delivery options within the Creative Industries model. Together they can inform current creative industries pathways resources and existing study support options available to support regional, remote and low SES students and their families if the student chooses to come to the often preferred regional university (Wilks & Wilson, 2014) through the lens of equity.

Conference and publication avenues will be used to promote the YouTube series and the WIL Creative Industries curriculum and pedagogies initiative to the Australian Career Teachers professional networks and Higher Education Teaching and Learning research.